Evolving the Mind


From an early age we are subconsciously programmed to believe we are our mind.  We often confuse who we are with what our mind tells us about who we are. Our minds work from the viewpoint that we are separate, deficient, and unworthy.  Our minds don’t understand unity, our true nature or the vibration of love.  

It is essential that we work with the mind to bring it into the awareness of who we really are and assist it in experiencing our connection to all life.  As we evolve the mind, we become its master.  We learn how to program the mind so that it works for us rather than against us.  The mind becomes calm and clear, and we are more easily able to connect and live from our true divine nature and our inner truth.

In this workshop we will be doing the energy work to support the evolving of our mind and gain clarity as to how to work with the mind so that it supports us in the evolutionary leap we are participating in.

Please bring a mat, pillows and blanket to be comfortable lying on your back for 40 minutes while doing the energy work.

Instructor Ethel Greene has been teaching classes on mysticism, practical spirituality, energy work and creation skills for almost 30 years.  Her current focus is on supporting people in making the evolutionary leap into a higher level of vibration and a knowing and living from our true divine nature.

Where: Rocky Mt. Miracle Center, 1939 S Monroe St, Denver (near Buchtel and Colorado Blvd.)

When: Sunday, April 29th from 1-5 pm

Cost: $75 in advance, $80 on April 29th (Checks and cash only.  Kindly bring the exact amount if paying by cash and arrive 10-15 minutes early so that class can start on time.)


    Advanced payments accepted through April 28th through www.Paypal.com using the address PlaysWithEnergy@gmail.com.

    Payments in advance by check payable to Ethel Greene can be sent to: Ethel Greene, PO Box 365, Como, CO  80432.  The latest date to send a check is postmarked Tuesday, April 24th.

Questions?  email Ethel at embodyingdivinity@gmail.com

This class will also be held in Boulder on Sunday, March 11th, 12:30-4:30.  Register in advance at www.consciousboulder.com.