Consultations are designed to help you come into alignment with what you want to create personally, professionally and spiritually.  Appointments can be on the phone or in person.   

Aligning and grounding energy is a process that can be done during an in-person session.  To participate in an aligning and grounding energy session, come with written intentions of what you wish to create.

Coaching sessions are to assist you in seeing the bigger picture and to help you stay on track with what you wish to achieve.  It is recommended that you set up half-hour sessions on a consistent weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Readings give you feedback on your energy field and explore the patterns that are occurring in your life.  It is helpful to combine a reading with either a coaching or consultation session.

All sessions are $120 an hour and are charged in five minute increments with a fifteen minute minimum.  I will ask permission to connect with your higher self to insure the integrity of the work.

To schedule a session, please call 303.935.5552 or email Ethel and include your first and last name, phone number, permission to connect with your Higher Self, and suggest times that would work for your appointment.

Once in a while, maybe once in a lifetime you meet a person who helps support you in a way that changes you forever. Ethel Greene has been that person for me. Through her clear focus and integrity she has held the space for me as I have navigated towards and discovered who I truly am. This has been the biggest blessing of my life and I will be forever grateful. - Toni Ciarlelli