My sessions with you have always transformative - Melanie Smith

I want everybody I know to come see you so they can be free of their constraints!  Bless you Ethel.  - Heidi Vaiu, Boulder

Traditionally we think of healers as people who fix us.  When we need to be fixed, we are operating under the belief that something is wrong with us and that someone outside of us can make us better.  This reinforces our belief that we are powerless and denies our true nature which is divine.

You are your own best healer.   My intention is to help you clear out what no longer serves you, embrace that which has been denied, and more deeply align with your true nature.

Being an intuitive and empath, I see what is hindering you and assist you in bringing it into awareness, acceptance and release.  I work with sound to clear out undigested emotions and unsupportive beliefs.  I work with sacred geometry to help you align with what you truly desire.  The work will support you in coming more deeply into your body and manifesting your heart’s desire.

I will ask for permission to connect with your Higher Self before working with you.  This insures the integrity of the work.  I will also ask for you to come to each session with a clear intention of what you want to work on.

All sessions are $120 an hour and are charged in five minute increments with a fifteen minute minimum.  Sessions can be done in person or over the phone.   Make an appointment by calling 303.935.5552 or emailing Ethel and include your full name, phone number, whether your session will be in-person or over the phone, how long a session you would like, and what days and times are convenient.  Please also include permission to connect with your Higher Self. 

In person sessions are held in the mountains of Colorado, around 90-120 minutes from Denver.