Coaching & Consultation

Consultations are designed to help you come into alignment with what you want to create personally, professionally and spiritually.

Coaching sessions are to assist you in seeing the bigger picture and to help you stay on track with how you choose to live your life. We work together to bring clarity to the contradictions within and focus on what is needed for a fruitful and abundant life.

When appropriate, energy work will be included in a coaching session. 

Sessions are $180 an hour and are charged in five minute increments with a fifteen minute minimum.

To schedule a session use the contact form here. Include your first and last name, phone number, permission to connect with your Higher Self, and suggest times that would work for your appointment (including your time zone). If this is your first session, include what it is you wish to work on.

The Master understands that it doesn’t matter what the other is being, doing, having, saying, wanting, demanding. It doesn’t matter what the other is thinking, expecting, planning. It only matters what you are being in relationship to that.

- Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations with God, Book 1

Had it not been for you Ethel I would not be experiencing this immense JOY that I have finally graciously allowed into my life ! I hold you in the highest of respect ! There are teachers, than there are are a TEACHER!

Becky Willis Artist

Many thanks to you! Elated to have you in my life and grateful always for your witness and guidance.

BJ Brown Shaman, Boulder

I am truly grateful and blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for enriching my perspective, expanding my self-understanding and revealing many of the mysteries of the universe. It’s been quite the journey to discovering my “wings” - so far - I can’t wait to see more of their colors and where they will take me. You are a true gem!

Kathy Coach, Denver

I feel so much better since our time together.  I also have to say, I always feel like I have completed a semester of graduate school after a session. You are an amazing teacher - very empowering.

Karen S, Denver
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