Greetings Earthmates! 

We are being called on to evolve into a higher vibration where all life is respected, everyone has what they need, and where we know and experience ourselves to be an integral part of the whole.

This is both an invitation and a wake-up call.  The Universe is now in perfect alignment for us to embody our true Divine nature with its inherent talents and unique gifts.



Power, Love, Trust & Choice

The Choice to Evolve

30 minutes (December 2020)

This simple practice supports you in holding space for yourself for coming into deeper awareness of your true divine nature and helps you begin a conversation with the Universe. It takes less than a minute to do and works best when done twice a day.

If you are choosing to evolve, do yourself a big favor and learn how to work with the Evolutionary Light Support Team. You can call in the eight energies that make up the ELST at any time and they will support you through these challenging times. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Stressed out? Having health issues? Still hanging on to something that doesn’t support you? The ELST will give you support in all the ways you are being challenged in this evolutionary shift, as well as supporting you in evolving. This on-demand video course is presented by Sheilagh Durkin.

When the Shift Hits The Fan


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