Ethel Greene

Joyfully plays with energy
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Ethel enjoys helping people become free from the patterns that entangle them so that they may experience their true Divine nature and their connection to the Universe. The main focus of her work is to support people in their evolutionary process. Ethel has been doing energy work all her life. She is empathic, intuitive and has a natural awareness of energy patterns and flows. Ethel is adept as hearing the discordant sounds in the body and sounds them into releasing.

In addition to working with individuals, Ethel works with families, groups, and businesses to support your intentions and desires. She also does energy clearings for land, homes, and businesses.

Ethel has been teaching mysticism, energy work, creation skills, evolving and practical spirituality for more than thirty years. 

“If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro' narrow chinks of his cavern.”

― William Blake

You are being called on to evolve into a higher vibration where all life is respected, everyone has what they need, and where you know yourself to be an integral part of the whole.

This is both an invitation and a wake-up call.  The Universe is now in perfect alignment for you to embody your true Divine nature with its inherent talents and unique gifts.

Power, Love, Trust & Choice are a series of podcasts designed to give you the support you need to evolve. Ready or not, it is happening now. You already have within you all you need to make this shift in consciousness.


In working towards my own spiritual development since 1975, I have never experienced such profound transformations in my inner life as I have while working with Ethel.  She has been an instrument in my opening up to universal love, releasing behavior patterns that do not serve my higher good, and seeing the light in others beyond their learned behaviors.  

- Jocelyn Sampson, retired teacher, trainer and consultant

Ethel has guided me on an amazing adventure of self discovery and given me deeper realizations of myself and the universe.

- Cynthia Cronan, Massage Therapist

Much to my wonder, awe and thankfulness, the workshop was very inspiring… It is difficult to explain in words the effect the workshop had on me. It is without a doubt life-changing. I now have more bodily experience/understanding of my self, have a whole new experiencing of breathing, can more easily recognize when I am not in my body and know what to do to get back into my body. The power of being in a group using these tools cannot be overstated. I have done meditation individually and in a group for many years. Yet, this experience was different - more powerful, more loving, sweeter, truer. The fresh breath of being in the Light.

But all of these comments are really understating the experience of the beauty and energy of her workshop, the overall change of consciousness/awareness that is possible here. Ethel’s experiences of energy, her state of being, are invaluable to us souls on the path, especially at this time of unusual transformational change.

- Rhonda B, Boulder

Ethel Greene is a masterful teacher. She informs and inspires her students. Ethel approaches every topic from a fresh, multidimensional perspective. She lives what she teaches and she lives from her heart.

The four years I have been a student of Multidimensional Energy Work have been incredibly rewarding and growthful. I’ve gained insight into myself and my motivation, questioned beliefs, dropped defenses, changed patterns and behaviors that were no longer supporting me, and healed a serious illness. I have begun to embrace a life of conscious co-creation and release duality. I’ve made significant progress in the journey from my head to my heart. My work with Ethel has literally been life affirming and life changing.

- Sharon Messinger, former school teacher and author of Dolphin Girl


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Ethel Greene plays with energy
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