Multidimensional Energy Work


Your true nature is Divine. The energy work I do supports you in embodying your true divine nature.  Together we work to help you embrace that which has been denied, clear out what no longer serves you and support you in your evolutionary process. Being an intuitive and empath, I see what is hindering you and assist you in bringing it into awareness, acceptance and release or evolvement. We work together as partners to bring you into balance and harmony with your intention for the session.

We live in a Universe that is created through sound, which means that sounding is the fastest way to move energy. I hear the sounds in your body and my voice recreates the sounds of the energies you are ready to release, clearing out stuck emotions, entities and unsupportive beliefs. As these moves, we are able to dive deeper into the body and work directly with the organs, systems, chakras and channels in your body.

This work is designed to support you in the Evolutionary Shift that is happening now on Earth. You may choose to work on some of the following:

  • Filling your body with Light
  • Raising your vibration, allowing more love and power to flow through you
  • Clearing discordance from relationships
  • Being at peace
  • Opening your heart and embodying the energy of the Divine Feminine
  • Clearing out the dysfunction of patriarchy, separation and fear
  • Understanding how to work energetically to evolve

Can you imagine being in love with everyone and everything? You could not stand it; it would be too much. But as you grow, that is what will happen. You will become more and more aware of the sea of love in which you live, in which we all partake. At present you find a thousand things to block your awareness of it, but nevertheless you live in it. As too much light blinds, so does too much love, until you become used to it. As you touch more deeply into life, you will experience this love.
– Dorothy Maclean, To Hear the Angels Sing

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