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Navigating the Evolutionary Shift

Our national support systems are falling apart. The world is in chaos. The pressure to change and evolve is building as the energy accelerates. The new faster vibrations no longer support the energies of patriarchy, fear and separation. The old systems are on their way out, though we are not yet evolved enough to create new systems. During this “in between time,” as we take our attention away from the outer and deepen our inner connection, we need new ways of orienting. Instead of focusing on creating a better world, saving the planet, and/or creating what we want, we focus on the re-creation of who we are.

Putting our evolutionary growth as our first priority is the most important thing we can do at this time to support ourselves, our loved ones and the planet. There are new energies for us to play with and we will explore what they are and how to best work with them. We will cover:

  • The secret of how to open to the divine feminine
  • How to grow more fully into your true divine nature
  • The importance of being in your body and grounded
  • The relationship between love and power and how to increase both
  • What worked in the “old” vibration that is no longer being supported
  • Changing our language to align with the higher vibrations
  • Changing how we trust
  • Symptoms and sensations common to people who have chosen to evolve
  • How to fill your body with Light

The session will close with around 50 minutes of energy work to create extra protection around you while you are receiving and integrating these higher vibrations. Please bring a mat or something comfortable for lying on your back, a pillow, and a blanket (you may feel cold during the energy work), a protein snack and water.

This class will be held in Lafayette, CO on Saturday, August 27th from 10:00am-1:00pm and again in Denver on Saturday, September 17th from 9am-12:30pm.

For more information and to register for the class in Lafayette, click here: Navigating the Evolutionary Shift
NOTE: This class will be offered in person and through Zoom.

Class in Denver:
Where: Rocky Mountain Miracle Center, 1939 S Monroe St., Denver
When: Saturday, September 17th
Time: 9am-12:30pm
Cost: $70 in advance, $80 the day of the event
Register: send payment through Venmo or Zelle
To register for the Denver call, message Ethel through the Contact Page

Ethel Greene is an empath, intuitive and an energy worker. She hears the discordant, unsupportive and lower vibrational sounds in peoples’ bodies and uses her voice to clear out what no longer supports them while helping them come into alignment with their divine nature. Ethel has been teaching mysticism, practical spirituality, energy work and evolutionary growth for 30 years.



My experience of Ethel's Embodying Divinity class was radical, life changing. She is a consummate presence and authority on what she shares and brings to those who want to move towards a higher self, and higher purpose. I recommend her and her course work without reservation. The experience with Ethel was full of heart, passion, clarity and some surprises no one should miss. My life has been enriched in many ways by her course and most significantly I am more available to connect with and serve those who seek a life in the light of truth.

Paula Brittain

The School for The Work with Byron Katie

Heading layer

Ethel Greene’s class Embodying Divinity is a profound experience. Ethel delivered information, techniques and exercises that have allowed me to expand, evolve, and practice of lifestyle embracing a tangible divinity. My personal experience of Ethel’s Embodying Divinity work has resulted in a peaceful pathway of guidance, growth, release of self-destructive behaviors, and experiencing joy in all of life’s offerings. I cherish Ethel’s joyful, playful presence and work. I recommend to anyone seeking Divinity Ethel Greene.

Rachel Perkins


The structure of the class (Multidimensional Energy Work) gave me a framework for exploring, discovering, playing, and being totally blown away by what I can do. It gave me permission to check myself out in many different ways, to see the many different doors within me. It’s like Ethel shined a light inside me and said, “GO PLAY, KID!”

Susan Priefert
LAC, Acupuncturist


Ethel is a mystic, a guide, a facilitator, a support system. She brings the group into a place of cooperation with Nature and All There Is. She does not pass on her beliefs, but rather frees us to grow as an individual and as a group - and as such, to experience the whole as Divine.
Judy Hensel
Animal Therapist


I have been studying with Ethel Greene since 1999 and have taken approximately 8 classes per year from her including Embodying Divinity.
Ethel’s teachings have profoundly helped me to dissolve my ego identity so that I am able to come more deeply into my true Self and have more joy in my life as well as more compassion for my ego.
Coming from a strict Midwestern Catholic family of 11 children, I have had, I believe plenty of issues to deal with. I feel that most of my adult life has been about healing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual scarring of my past.
With Ethel’s loving, compassionate, intuitive, skillful and powerful help I have come to release the conditioning and programming of my past so that I now more easily experience the beauty and grace of life, quickly moving through the emotional dramas and negative spirals of my pain body.
I have studied with many great teachers including Caroline Myss, Dr. Judith Orloff, and Don Miguel Ruiz and lived at Esalen Institute as a work scholar for 4 months. I believe that Ethel’s teachings have been some of the most beneficial and powerful because she has always been cessible and available with her brilliant light to help me shine it into the darkness.
Rosemary Conlon


Ethel is one of those truly gifted teachers who lives and embodies her teachings. With enthusiasm she openly shares her wisdom while inviting you to open to your own source of wisdom and mastery. Over the past six years I have had the honor and pleasure of studying with Ethel. I have witnessed her own transformation as she goes deeper into the Truths that set us free, all the while holding the highest intentions for her self, her clients, and students. The first class, Dissolving Victim Consciousness, was a transformative experience that shifted my consciousness to allow for my own deep healing. I continued with the MultiDimensional Energy Work School to expand upon what I had learned so that I could apply the principles in my own healing arts practice. With gentleness and compassion, she pushed me to find my own center and I will always be grateful for that gift.
Sheilagh Durkin


Worlds have literally opened up for me as the result of this class (Multidimensional Energy Work). Concepts that used to be only distant dreams - understanding my soul’s purpose, connecting in an ongoing way to my team of spiritual “helpers,” understanding how to function as a creator - are now my everyday reality. I am much clearer about what my role as a healer is, and how to act from that role in a way that supports people in moving towards their own divinity, instead of draining them of their power.
Ethel is truly a gifted teacher. I am proud to call myself her student. She sets a wonderful example, explaining complicated and unfamiliar material in a clear matter-of-fact way and “holding the space” for each of us to move towards finding our own divinity. Each class is an excellent balance of mind, body and spirit, as she mixes together meditations, lectures, discussions and hands-on bodywork.
To say that I have been transformed by this class is an understatement. Through the use of the tools I have learned, my psychotherapy practice is more effective and my life has turned towards a whole new direction. After 40 years of wondering endlessly why I was ever born on this planet, and when would I get to leave, I now actually have hope that I can manifest my main intention: TO MAKE MY LIFE A MASTERPIECE OF JOY.
Dr. Julie Colwell
Psychotherapist and Director

Boulder Center for Conscious Community

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